Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top 10 Frivolous Tax Arguments

Today I'll start a series of articles geared toward answering some of the most common misconceptions regarding the authority, history and legality of the tax system. As a Tax Consultant my job is not to change the system, oppose it or transform it. My job is to advice taxpayers on the options available and look for the best solution for their individual needs. Now, there are some unreasonable contentions from some who oppose the tax system, however, there are also some reasonable arguments as well. I respect the opinions of those who oppose the tax system as long as their contention does not improperly advice individuals to illegally stop complying with their tax obligations. This type of advice is very costly to the individual leading as we'll see to tremendous tax burdens, legal difficulties and even prison. Again, there are legitimate ways to contend about the legitimacy of the tax system and our legal system has a due process that needs to be followed in order to put in effect new laws that take some pressure off of the shoulders of taxpayers, not to mention possibility to elect political representatives that agree with one's political views.

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